Rosbacher Sparking 750ml (Carton of 12 glass bottles)

Each Rosbacher bottle contains a total of 1,610 mg/l of essential minerals and a unique 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium – an ideal replacement of lost nutrients after workout.

“#1 sports beverage for athletes” (Running Magazine)

“Very Good” 「sehr gut」Rating in an evaluation of 149 mineral water brands (Öko Test Magazine)


每瓶 Rosbacher 含有總共 1,610 毫克/升的必需礦物質和獨特的 2:1 鈣鎂比例——鍛煉后流失營養的理想替代品。


“非常好”「sehr gut」在149個礦泉水品牌的評估中評級(Öko測試雜誌)



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