Römer Brunnen Sparkling 1000ml (Carton of 12 Bottles)

RÖMER BRUNNEN offers a holistic health benefit with its unique natural mineralization: CALCIUM is important for bones and teeth, blood clotting and muscle tissue as well. MAGNESIUM has an antispasmodic effect and supports the cardiovascular function. HYDROGEN CARBONATE is the most important acid buffer which helps to control the acid-base Balance.

RÖMER BRUNNEN 以其獨特的天然礦化作用提供全面的健康益處:鈣對骨骼和牙齒、血液凝固和肌肉組織也很重要。鎂具有解痙作用,支援心血管功能。碳酸氫鹽是最重要的酸緩衝液,有助於控制酸鹼平衡。



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