Graceful lifestyle management Ltd. (GLM) is a lifestyle platform which is remodeled from Sigma Global Event Management Company, which was a Dubai based company and built in 2014. Spanning areas of lifestyle services, with legal capacities of art consultancy, broker services, business consultancy, international trade and other business services.
Official business scope:
Partnership development and distribution management: monthly e-newsletter on lifestyle update
Concentrating on private bank, real estate, construction, niche client’s account managers, high-end but low-key hotels and postnatal care centers
Private collection of art sourcing for international modern, Ming or Ching dynasty crafts, Japanese modern arts, photography, trendy doll, master pieces from museums, private collection research, search and transaction
Private art tours to France and UK.
Management of lifestyle service through bespoke delivery by 10 lifestyle coach
  • Lifestyle coach by categories:
  • Arts:senior art consultant; art pieces placement and planning
  • Learning:international fitness trainer; golfing coach; exclusive language tutors, and lecture planning
  • Health:Dietitian team consultation
  • Gourmet:5 private chef, wine and oil specialists
  • Attires:Bespoke tailor, personal shopper with dressing consultant, make-up, hair dresser and nail stylist
  • Entertainment: Portrait photographer, private event management
  • Charity related promotions
  • 菁選集生活事業有限公司是一個轉型後的禮賓服務平台​, 是從2014年在杜拜創立的Sigma Global Event Management改組的公司. 致力於提供各種領域的生活形態服務. 營業項目申請通過的合法經營項目包含藝術經紀, 仲介服務, 商務諮詢, 國際貿易與其他工商服務
  • 菁選集生活事業有限公司成立的最主要目的是幫助貴賓們了解他們商業上的潛力同時兼具美夢實踐家的角色~透過客製化的多元提案提升他們的生活形態
  • 策略合作夥伴管理分銷與共贏:雙週電子報發送最新推薦生活提案
  • 專案主要合作對象為私人銀行;房產公司與建商;高端客戶經理人;高端但低調的飯店與坐月子中心
  • 私人藝術品收藏搜尋與諮詢:
  • 國際現當代;明清字畫;日本近代藝術品;攝影;潮流公仔;博物館大型藝術品;私人收藏藝術品搜尋與交易
  • 私人藝術包館之旅(法國與英國)
  • 由十位生活禮賓顧問客製化的顧客生活管理專案
  • 禮賓顧問服務項目包含:
  • 藝術類:資深藝術顧問;空間藝術品規劃
  • 學習類:國際級健身教練;國際級高爾夫教學;私人語言教學;講座規劃
  • 健康類:營養師團隊諮詢
  • 美食類:五位私廚群;品酒與品油師
  • 衣著類:私人定製服與穿搭顧問;整體造型師與美甲師
  • 娛樂類:御用人像攝影師;私人活動規劃執行
  • 公益活動推廣

Anna TIen

ITEC international makeup license level 2
EuroWestern Style – Makeup & Hair
Asian Style Makeup & Hair
Prom Makeup & Hair
Wedding Makeup & Hair
High Fashion Makeup & Hair
Commercial Makeup & Hair
Movie Makeup & Hair
Special Effects Makeup Artist
High school and college makeup teacher
ITEC makeup licensed teacher in Asia

Sandra Fu

Glion MBA, Hospitality & Services industries
Communication Skills & Culture Studies, UC Berkeley
Global Travel and Event Counsellors
Customer Excellence Award APAC
Art Consultant, Etiquette Trainer and Beauty Exclusive

Judy Chu

B2B or B2C nutrition adviser
Health and nutrition education training
Healthy diet and supplement training
Field involvement: Emotional eating, psychology of dieting, weight management, hypnosis.

Alexander Paul

Sound&Light Design Engineering Specialist, who responsible for bespoke solutions for entertainments and events for 10-400 people. Also takes roles of DJ, video projection and communication consultation on public image and promotions.

Oscar Ko

Portrait photographer, with dedication and sensible shoots for both leisure and commercial performance. Exclusive photographer for private events and client’s profile photo on social media.

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