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Maul Munich Outdoor Wear, based in Munich, has been producing high-quality outdoor apparel since 1948. Known for their innovative and sustainable products, Maul is a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts. With a strong presence across Europe, they’ve become a top choice for adventurers and are recognised by retailers as a leading supplier in this sector. They have won the German Brand Award in 2022 and 2024.

Maul Munich Outdoor Wear 總部位於慕尼黑,自 1948 年以來一直生產高品質戶外服裝。他們在歐洲擁有強大的影響力,已成為冒險家的首選,並被零售商認可為該領域的領先供應商。他們曾於2022年和2024年榮獲德國品牌獎。

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Maul Munich Outdoor Wear prioritises sustainability in both environmental and social aspects. Their collections feature high proportions of recycled materials and PFC-free fabrics, ensuring minimal environmental impact. They maintain fair production practices in their own facilities and partner companies across Asia and Europe, adhering to stringent standards like OEKO-TEX® and bluesign®. Maul Sport actively promotes fair wages, safe working conditions, and bans on child and forced labour through their partnerships with BSCI-compliant suppliers, demonstrating their dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices throughout their supply chain.

Maul Munich Outdoor Wear 優先考慮環境和社會方面的可持續性。他們的產品系列採用高比例的回收材料和不含 PFC 的布料,確保對環境的影響最小。他們在亞洲和歐洲的自有工廠和合作夥伴公司中保持公平的生產實踐,遵守 OEKO-TEX® 和 bluesign® 等嚴格標準。 Maul Sport 透過與符合 BSCI 要求的供應商合作,積極促進公平工資、安全工作條件以及禁止童工和強迫勞動,這表明他們在整個供應鏈中致力於道德和永續商業實踐。

Diverse and Inclusive Designs

Maul Munich Outdoor Wear’s versatile collection of unisex outdoor apparel, tailored to fit a variety of body types and preferences. Whether you are gearing up for a corporate team event or a weekend hike with family and friends, Maul’s clothing combines practicality with style. Each piece is designed with comfort and durability in mind, ensuring you are equipped for any adventure.

探索 Maul Munich Outdoor Wear 的多功能男女通用戶外服飾系列,專為適合各種體型和喜好而量身訂製。無論您是準備參加公司團隊活動還是與家人和朋友一起週末遠足,Maul 的服裝都將實用性與時尚感融為一體。每件單品的設計都考慮到舒適性和耐用性,確保您為任何冒險做好準備。

Sustainable Textiles

Maul Munich Outdoor Wear is committed to sustainable practices throughout our textile production. Our fabrics are carefully selected to minimise environmental impact while maximising performance and comfort. From using recycled materials to adopting PFC-free treatments, each textile in their collection reflects their dedication to ethical sourcing and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. By choosing Maul Sport, you’re not only choosing high-quality textiles but also supporting a cleaner and greener approach to outdoor apparel.

Maul Munich Outdoor Wear 致力於在整個紡織品生產過程中推行永續實踐。我們的布料經過精心挑選,最大限度地減少對環境的影響,同時最大限度地提高性能和舒適度。從使用回收材料到採用無 PFC 處理,他們系列中的每件紡織品都體現了他們對道德採購和環保製造工藝的奉獻。選擇 Maul Sport,您不僅選擇了高品質的紡織品,而且還支持更乾淨、更環保的戶外服裝。

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