King Louis at Night

Compostion: 100% Chardonnay (30% 2009 to 2000 reserve wine, 70% 2010 reserve wine)
Vinyard Sites: 50% Grand Cru Chardonnay selected from 13 parcels at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of the hill in Le mesnil-sur-Oger and from a mid-hill parcel in Oger (estate owned).
Soil: Clay-limestone over 40-meter thick chalk.
Aging: 6 months in thermo-regulated stainless steel or resin epoxy tanks then 3 years in bottle at 12 degree Celsius in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger.
Alcohol Content: 12%
Dosage: 7 g/L
Winemaker Tasting Notes: Pale yellow robe, its nose is airy, tangy and intense, with hints of yellow and textured effervescence and a fabulous balance. This structure wine is rich, supple and generous finish is prolonged by a fresh touch making the moment linger.


Vinyard Sites:50%的特級園霞多麗從Le mesnil-sur-Oger的山頂,中間和山腳的13個地塊以及Oger的半山地塊(莊園擁有)中挑選出來。
陳釀:在溫度調節的不鏽鋼或樹脂環氧樹脂罐中陳釀 6 個月,然後在奧格爾河畔勒梅尼爾的 12 攝氏度瓶中陳釀 3 年。

劑量: 7 克/升



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