茉莉緊緻保濕修復面膜 1盒5入




l  100%台灣在地人工採摘茉莉花

l  無添加人工香精

l 天然萃取而成

l 設計成分符合歐盟 ISO22716










所有關鍵成份皆不惜成本加至「有效劑量」,秉持著結合台灣農業優勢及實在良心產品,不讓消費者花了錢只是買到一包水加上增稠劑!選擇以「保濕」為主要訴求,經多次修正,終於將成品呈現在眼前。設計的配方,選擇符合歐盟ISO22716,GMP 專業化妝品代工,讓客戶能更安心使用。



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(Jasmine Essence ) Lifting moisturizing facial mask (5 pieces/box)




l  100% handcrafted jasmine (Made in Taiwan)

l  No artificial ingredient

l Natural essence

l EU design composition/Patten No: ISO22716

4 key ingredient:

【Jasmine Essence】

Jasmine Essence is extracted purely from Changhua, Taiwan. Jasmine aroma is fresh and pleasant. Not necessary to apply extra perfume and others, essence is reserved after distillation process. And remain complete essence, enriching esters which comfort sensitive skins, enhancing moisturize and balancing skins.


PENTAVITIN is patented technology. magnet is a patented technology in recent years. Derived from plant-derived D-glucose, also known as isomerized oligosaccharides, it locks moisture like a magnet on the skin surface. Water storage also slows down water evaporation even when it is dry Environment can also exert moisturizing effect and water-holding ability.

【Cyclic pentapeptide】

The patented ingredient used in medical aesthetics, because it has a special annular structure makes the skin become firm and elastic, and smooth, can effectively reduce and repair wrinkles

【Red pomegranate extract】

Antioxidant King’s red pomegranate, rich in polyphenols, broccoli, vitamin C, ellagic acid, and a variety of ingredients to delay aging, is 3 times that of green tea, red wine, with high efficiency anti-aging and enhanced moisturizing effect, is In recent years, well-known skin care products are widely used ingredients.

All key ingredients are added to the “effective dose” at the cost, and they combine the advantages of Taiwan’s agriculture with real conscience products. Consumers are not allowed to spend money just to buy a pack of water and a thickener! Selecting “moisturizing” as the main appeal, after many amendments, the finished product is finally presented. The design formula is selected in accordance with the EU ISO22716, GMP professional cosmetic OEM, allowing customers to use it more comfortably.


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