L’Atelier of ALEATOIRE – Discovery of perfume




Like the strong connection of perfume and fashion industry , Anne Scheffer, as the founder/CEO of Aleatoire 8, also has irresistible connection of fashion and culture with France. As a person with diverse senses, she start learning and making perfume, from Grass, Paris to Taipei. The main purpose for her is an dedication to exquisite perfection for the taste of life.

Our courses are inspired by one of the best perfume school in Paris,ISIPCA(l’Institut Supérieur International de la Parfumerie, de la Cosmétique et des Arômes Alimentaires)and combine with Knowledge of British aromatherapy. The cole idea is though the courses, the participants can experience passion and imagination of olfactory as well as connection with inner self, society and natural.

90 minutes
Minimum 5 people

Program 1. Discovery of perfume — in 90 min. course, you can smell 30 different essences, 2 tops, 2 middles, 2 bases. 30ml luxury perfume bottle with assist by instructor.

Founder/CEO of Aleatoire Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd.
MA Esmod Fashion Marketing and Management 2010
ISIPICA Perfume Institute Certificate 2017
Fashion blogger
New York FIT University Certificate 2008
University of Taipei Business Administration Department/Social Dual Bachelor 2009


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