Yeh Ming-Cheng

Born in 1969 in Nantou
1987 Renewed Art Graduation Exhibition Print 2nd Place
1987 Graduated from Renaissance Art Painting Group
1992 Landscaping Family Magazine interviews artists
2007-2012 Blue Painting Association, teachers and students joint exhibition several times
2008 Solo Exhibition of 3 Galleries
2011 Three Art Galleries Undiscovered Free Ottoman Exhibition
2016 Blue Painters, Students and Students Joint Exhibition in the Three Outpatient Clinics in Neihu
     Family Group Exhibitions
2017.8 Gorgeous Existence - Taiwan's New Art Exhibition (Minato-ku, Minato-ku, Yokohama, Japan)

Ye Mingcheng Creative Exhibition
Painter Ye Mingcheng is engaged in artistic creation
20 years, his unique lines and symbolic figures
Like a self-contained. For a long time obsessed with the pursuit
The illusion of color and line rhythm, and Like to take daily supplies or waste,
From his conception and natural color that is beyond ordinary people
The ability to turn ordinary is a surprise.
He said that his formula is: Mind Totem + imaginary space + life experience + everyday items
+ obsessed color + line game + decorative life + creation Intentional transformation + simple happiness

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