Chuo Sue-Chien


Born in Nantou Fish Pond in 1967
1980 First County Student Art Exhibition West Painting First 11th Japan World Children's Painting Exhibition Premium Award
1981 Fine Arts Competition in Western Painting Group of the County The 12th World Children's Painting Exhibition Premium Award
1983 Taichung County Student Art Exhibition Senior 1
1985 The second place in the sketch competition in the Central Five Counties
1992 National Art College graduate
1992~2001 personal exhibition and joint exhibition
2001 Graduated from the National Taiwan Institute of Fine Arts, Nishimatsu High School Student Art Teacher
2003 "Between the Shadows" Zhuo Shuqian, Lin Maorong, Fang Shangyu and the three people jointly exhibited at the Industrial Research Institute
2004 exhibition at the National Taiwan Normal University
Graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, 2004
2005 Golden Moon Home Esthetics Gallery Personal Sketch Show
2005 Blue Painting Summer Teacher and Student Exhibition in Neihu Dean Department Store
2005-2016 Blue Painting Association will be held in the Inner Hospital of the Three Armies General Hospital
2006 Exhibition in Military Gallery (Neihu Campus)
2006 Awarded the oil painting by the General Hospital of the Three Armies. "We heard more than just heartbeat" 240*540 cm
2007 Blue Painting Society Summer Teacher and Student Exhibition in the Three General Outpatient District (Neihu Campus)
2008 Solo Exhibition at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall August 5-10
2008 Exhibition at the Three Military Gallery (Neihu District) September 1-31
2009-2018 The Taipei City West Painting Artists' Painting Association - 27th - 40th Joint Exhibition
2009 Won a large painting commissioned by the National Defense Medical Academy and collected 317*567 cm
2012 Public Bank Arts Series - Zhuo Shuqian Solo Exhibition
2013 Fly Over City. Love Ceremony, Taipei. Melbourne. Sydney ~ 11 People Exhibition
2013 Flowing Memory ~ Creative Solo Exhibition at Yasun Cinema, National Museum of the Republic, July 18-23
2014 Taiwan. Iida Ina Modern Art and Cultural Exchange Exhibition (Taiwan. Japan)
2014 New Elephant 36 Visual Arts Exhibition May 14-18
2014 Jiuding International Art Center The Second Taiwanese Contemporary Western Painting Experts
2014 The Third Art Gallery Animal Family Creation Solo Exhibition (November 1-31)
2016 Served as the chairman of Taipei City West Painting Artists Painting Association
2016.8 About Wonderful. Simple Pure ~ Family Creation Joint Exhibition (Three General Gallery)
2017.2 Taiwan Creative Art Exhibition (Machida, Tokyo, Japan)
2017.8 Gorgeous Existence - Taiwan's New Art Exhibition (Minato-ku, Minato-ku, Yokohama, Japan)


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