Cho Tzu-Yi


Zhuo Ziyi was born in Taipei in 1995, Yilan High School Art Bachelor, Department of Monuments and Rehabilitation, Taiwan University of the Arts, and went to Japan to study animation language preparation in October 2017.
2006 Taipei City Government Bureau of Education Children's Artistic Creation Exhibition Gold Medal
2007 East Lake Middle School Art Competition Western Painting Group 2nd Place
2007 East Lake China National Oral Health Poster Competition
2008 East Lake Middle School Art Competition Class II Western Painting Class
2008 Donghu Junior High School Nutrition Education Poster Contest
2008 Thirty-ninth World Children's Art Exhibition
2nd place in the 11th Songshang Cup Creative Painting Competition, Taipei, 2009
2010 Taipei City Government Health Bureau 2nd Student Creative Cartoon Design Competition Award and Best Creative Cartoon Award
2010 Jinhe International Cup Art Painting Contest - Watercolor Sketching
2010 First Youth Award for Young Man Comics Finalists: Waxworker and Juvenile Lakers
2010 Taipei City Government Finance Bureau “Opening a picture of the country” The creative four-frame comics The third place in the hand-painted group2012 "National Student Picture Book Creation Award" High School Vocational Team Award
2012 Student Art Exhibition Cartoon Category 3rd in Yilan County
2013 Student Art Exhibition Cartoon Class Ilan County No. 2
Flying over the city in 2013. Admiration for love, Taipei, Melbourne, Sydney ~ 11 people show
2014 12th Art Class Graduation Exhibition Watercolor Optimization
2011-2014 Blue Painting Exhibition at the Third Military General Hospital Neihu Campus
2014 Sanju Art Gallery's solo exhibition---human illustration
2016 Blue Painters, Students and Students Joint Exhibition in the Three Outpatient Clinics in Neihu
2016 Family Exhibition in Neihu Three Total Gallery
2017 Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
2017.8 Gorgeous Existence - Taiwan's New Art Exhibition (Minato-ku, Minato-ku, Yokohama, Japan)


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