Our Team

Sandra Fu

Glion MBA, Hospitality & Services industries
Communication Skills & Culture Studies, UC Berkeley
Global Travel and Event Counsellors
Customer Excellence Award APAC
Art Consultant, Etiquette Trainer and Beauty Exclusive

Anna TIen

ITEC international makeup license level 2
EuroWestern Style – Makeup & Hair
Asian Style Makeup & Hair
Prom Makeup & Hair
Wedding Makeup & Hair
High Fashion Makeup & Hair
Commercial Makeup & Hair
Movie Makeup & Hair
Special Effects Makeup Artist
High school and college makeup teacher
ITEC makeup licensed teacher in Asia

Judy Chu

B2B or B2C nutrition adviser
Health and nutrition education training
Healthy diet and supplement training
Field involvement: Emotional eating, psychology of dieting, weight management, hypnosis.

Alexander Paul

Sound and Light Design Engineering Specialist
Bespoke solutions for entertainment and events for 10-400 people
DJ, video projection and communication consultation on public image and promotions

Oscar Ko

Potrait photographer (dedication and sensible shoots for both leisure and commercial performance)
Exclusive photographer for private events and clients profile on social media