Yen, Wen-Shuo Sophie

Yen, Wen-Shuo Sophie

Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of National Taiwan University of the Arts
Graduated from the Creative Research Institute of the National Institute of Education, Hsinchu University of Education
PhD Candidate, Digital Media Design, Asian University

Recent solo exhibition
2015 New York Huang's Art Gallery < 馥 馥 > West Painting Solo Exhibition
2016 Taipei Mayor's Mansion Arts & Crafts Salon < 柔 炽. heart. Abstract > Western Painting Solo Exhibition
2016 Taipei Howard Hotel < ART SQUARE TAIPEI> Art Fair
2017 Kaohsiung Klond Museum of Art <瀞> Creation Solo Exhibition

Recent joint exhibition
2016 Taipei World Trade Center II Taiwan Art Fair
2016 Tainan Tainan Cultural Center <Assassin's Biography> International Contemporary Painting Invitational Exhibition
2017 Venice Parallel Exhibition of Venice Biennale PALAZZO ALBRIZZI-CAPELLO
Venice Albridge Palace Exhibition
2017 Taichung 16th National 100th Oil Painting Exhibition Invitation Exhibition
2017 Singapore Singapore International Cultural and Art Exhibition

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