Puklavec Family Wines (paired set)

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No. 7 Furmint (750ml*1)
Award-winner:silver metal for 2017 British Sommelier Association. Solid foundation, fruity and flavorful.Paired seafood, chicken, pork, pasta and white cheese salad perfectly.
Alc.: 13.5%

No. 2 Sauvignon Blanc (750ml*1)
Flavorful with aroma but not too strong. Tasteful for vanilla, herbs, suitable for pairing seafood, steak, vegetable and 5-sense menus.

Puklavec Family Est 1934, scaled for 1,100 hectare, vineyard spread out hill above 200-250 meter, with 25% sun-lighting year-long. All grape are hand-picked, with yearly production of 6 million bottles to distribute worldwide.

In accordance with Taiwan law, the purchasing and selling of alcohol online is not permitted. If you are interested in purchasing our wine, please contact us by e-mail.

Shipping Policy: We offer delivery with surcharge of NTD150/each, if your order is more than 3 sets will be free delivery inside Taipei City.

Please be deliberate about purchasing to avoid unnecessary returns on orders.


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