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How French having their Christmas Holiday? Traditionally it’s the moments with family during the relaxing and sweet holidays.

For gourmet french, what kind of Christmas dinner do you have? Well, the French twilight wants to flow out quickly~ luxurious foie gras, delicate smoked salmon, fresh oysters, roast chicken, steak. .., chocolate, dessert, cheese, wine, champagne is even more ah~

France is full of love, and prepares to enjoy the meal and enjoy it. It is also shared with everyone. On this peaceful Christmas Eve, everyone can enjoy an orthodox, rich and honest with their family or loved ones. The French Christmas night.

And the most difficult and complicated part of the Christmas feast, the French gang is ready for everyone!
Everyone can simply buy a roast chicken, or simply fry a steak, order a candle, and match the French Christmas gift box. It is a perfect, classic French Christmas feast, as if it is in French elegance. Warm French Christmas Eve ~

The French Dining Box:
鵝肝醬佐蘋果配無花果巴薩米克珍珠醋 (Mousse de foie gras sur lit de pommes figues et Perle balsamique)
奶油煙燻鮭魚佐酪梨搭綴魚子醬(Avocat saumon fumé crème de coriandre)
蝶豆花藍莓起士蛋糕(cheesecake aux fruits et son sablé breton)
苦巧克力熔岩紅莓蛋糕 (moelleux au chocolat cœur de feu rouge)

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